Today's startups and small businesses do not have enough budgeted to hire an entire marketing team to effectively market products. 


A new approach to informing potential and existing clients about products and services must be taken.


I propose that the creation and implementation of the startup, small business, and non-profit marketing process is most effectively executed by one skilled individual.


This is Full Stack Marketing. 


My name is Joseph Engar; I am a seasoned marketing, multimedia, design, education, and business networking professional based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  My goal is to design and implement full stack marketing programs and systems for new startups, growing businesses, and developing non-profit organizations.  Once the marketing systems are completed, I show these businesses how to properly utilize the tools and move forward in expanding their marketing team in relation to the financial growth of their company.  When desired, I also maintain and update the marketing programs which I have established.